'restraint is not so evident at Ian Kitson's remarkable Follers Manor in Sussex' - Robin Lane Fox, Financial Times

We bought Follers Manor in 2006, the house was virtually derelict and the garden, well, what garden? Rough grass, weeds, rubble and the largest, most dilapidated tennis court weʼd ever seen. "Why buy it"?, I hear you say. Put simply, the views over the Cuckmere Valley which is now within the South Downs National Park and location, just outside the historic village of Alfriston. We quickly realised that we were a little out of our depth, our gardening skills had to this point extended to designing (I use the word loosely) smallish town gardens, grass with a border. We did once manage a circular lawn in the rear garden of a 2 bed Wimpey house, it was a proud moment. To us, this was a step or should

I say marathon too far. We needed help, a friend of a friend recommended Julie Toll alas, she was too busy, she suggested Ian Kitson and the rest is history. Amazingly, Ian designed and created the garden with only two must haveʼs from us; wildlife friendly and colourful. Since then our marvellous gardeners Steve and Julia (who love the garden as much as we do) have maintained it lovingly whilst reporting on any wildlife activity. Steve has been inspired by the garden and views to write poetry and is a great hit with the ladies especially with a visiting group of American's last year!.

Anne & Geoff Shaw